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2011 - Oprah Magazine 


Assuming your daughter is not employed by Hooters, I say it's unprofessional to reveal too much skin on the job. But having a large chest doesn't mean she needs to give up on tops and dresses with low necklines, which help elongate and slim the silhouette...

Source: Oprah Magazine 



The 9to5 Bra on Dragon's Den

AT CLAiR Founder Andrea Clair and her bevy of beauties invaded the Dragons' Den on Wednesday night. As one of Canada's hottest shows, the attention to Ms. Clair's innovative new business bra line certainly had an extremely positive response from the CEO of Venture Communications, Arlene Dickinson. Watch the full video below:


Urban Rush Show 

Andrea Clair, founder of AT CLAiR, formerly Wink Intimates.  The hosts of the Urban Rush Show were super excited to share the latest technology in bras to their audience in British Columbia.






August 2010 - Canadian Living Magazine

Comfort aside (it feels like a sports bra and doesn't dig in), the bra allowed us to wear plunging necklines without feeling as if we were spilling out or wearing something too fancy for the office...

Source: Canadian Living Magazine

June 16, 2010 - CityLine

Wink Intimates products were featured on CityLine July 16, 2010 by fashion expert Lisa Rogers.

Lisa Rogers, CityLine

November - December 2009 - Is it a bra or is it a cami?

This Canadian innovation, the 9to5 Bra by AT CLAiR, is a bra with underwire that looks like a camisole when you wear it under a low scoop... "With the 9to5, you don't have to keep adjusting a tank top to keep it from riding up or bunching under your clothes.

Source: Best Health Magazine

December 2009 – Canadian Innovation

This Canadian innovation, the 9to5 Bra by AT CLAiR, is a bra with underwire that looks like a camisole when you wear it under a low scoop... "With the 9to5, you don't have to keep adjusting a tank top to keep it from riding up or bunching under your clothes.^"

BEST Health Magazine

October 29th, 2009 – The 9 to 5 Bra Gets Sexist Reviews on Dragon's Den

I come from a family of many women. On my father's side, I have seven female cousins and two male cousins. In my immediate family, my only sibling is my older sister. And all of us girls were blessed with a healthy bust.

Our fathers taught us to cover up to be taken seriously (plus they don't want to see their daughters showing too much!). But even regular t-shirts that look simple and sweet on...

Full Story and Sources:  Women's Post

October 28th, 2009 – In a 9-to-5 world, is there support for a '9-to-5 bra'?

Is it wrong to look sexy at work? This is a HOT topic of discussion on tonight's episode of Dragons' Den!

The subject comes up thanks to a pitch by Andrea Clair, who has invented a piece of lingerie she calls the "9-to-5 Bra." It's designed to ...

Full Story and Sources: Metro News

October 9th, 2009 – Cup couture

Andrea Clair, president of Wink Intimates and inventor of the 9to5 bra, took a daily concern among women and revolutionized it. Now, you can love the plunging neckline without a fear of what I like to call "skankdom."

Full Story and Sources: Fashion Group International, Toronto Chapter

September 17th, 2009 – Get Winked!

I have to talk about this 9-5 bra again, it has come to my rescue twice this week (it's only Thursday). The look of a tank in a bra fixes any cleavage problem you may have with support and love. Love! ...

Full Story and Sources: Mommy Wear Daily

September 17th, 2009 – It should fit like a glove...

Finding the right bra can seem like the most arduous task. "It's estimated that up to 80% of us wear the wrong bra size," says Eva Gyarmathy, Apparel Manager, New Balance, Canada. The right bra size can eliminate problems with posture, back pain and discomfort ...

Full Story and Sources:
Toronto Moda

July 2009 – The 9to5 Bra

If you love the blouse, but hate having to do up that extra button to make excess cleavage office-friendly, try the 9to5 bra by AT CLAiR. With a tiny bit of extra fabric, it transforms all wear into...

Full Story and Sources:
ZOOMER Magazine

June 16th, 2009 – Bosom Buddy

For days when we need to channel June Cleaver (as opposed to June Cleavage), we're starting our outfit with a 9to5 Bra from AT CLAiR. Designed in Quebec, this sassy brassier ($139) has the lace trim and under-support of a sexy piece of lingerie (it won't flatten like a sports bra) with a panel that hides unwanted peeks of décolletage...

Full Story and Sources:
Vitamin Daily

June 1st, 2009 – 9to5 bra by WINK Intimates

The 9to5 is a uniquely innovative bra that for once, instead of putting your breast on display with a plunging neckline, descretly covers the cleavage area creating the perfect look for the office or any other occasion when a less revealing outfit is required. This particularly structured bra incorporates a fabric structure similar to the front part of a ...

Full Story and Sources:
Nine by Zero - International Beauty Magazine

May 13, 2009 – Numbers are Nice

From the 416 to the 604 (with a 24/7, 3.14 and 2 for 1 thrown in there for good measure) we're always surrounded by numbers. And although usually referring to a work day, we've found new meaning behind the term 9 to 5...

Enter the new, fully supportive 9to5 bra ($139) from AT CLAiR. With a fabric structure that covers the girls (without squishing them together like flat pancakes in a sports bra), we're saying hello to lower cut-shirts and goodbye to probably-not-suitable-for-work cleavage.

Full Story and Sources: Sweetlife in 

April 28th, 2009 – How To Maximize Your Work and Office Wardrobe

Maximize your office and business attire with just 1 article of clothing - an undergarment to be exact. The new 9to5 Bra covers up cleavage so you can wear more of your wardrobe to work. Turn evening wear into more suitable office attire with...

Full Story and Sources: The Fashionable Housewife

April 10th, 2009 – Get winked!

The 9to5 bra by AT CLAiR (formerly Wink Intimates) is the very best new momgerie I have seen and worn! Covering cleavage, while lifting and sculpting the breasts, the 9to5 is a comfortable dream. I wear mine...

Full Story and Sources:

March 30th, 2009 – Wink Intimates: Entrepreneur Andrea Clair Named Women's Post 'Woman of the Week'

TORONTO, ONTARIO –(Marketwire - March 30, 2009) - Andrea Clair, president of
AT CLAiR (formerly Wink Intimates) and inventor of the 9to5 bra, has been named Woman of the Week by Women's Post. The honour comes only one month after the successful launch of her company...

Full Story and Sources: Market Wire, Netscape Celebrity, IBTimes, News Blaze, Market Watch
  Sys-Con   Reuters  

March 30th, 2009 – Woman of the Week, Andrea Clair

Andrea is president and founder of AT CLAiR, formerly ( Wink Intimates), and when we met, she was wearing her creation under that otherwise unforgiving v-neck wrap shirt: the 9to5 Bra. To the casual observer, it looked like she was wearing a tank top under the shirt, but a magic one that obediently sits still against the skin, and doesn't bunch up or create extra layers. In fact, Andrea was just wearing her bra...

Full Story and Sources: Women's Post

March 25th, 2009 – No man would ever design this bra

Andrea Clair has created a modesty bra called the 9to5. I had a good laugh when she said that "no man would ever design this bra." How true. For years, bras have been created to enhance and push up any cleavage – generally to boost your boobs as much as possible. And now a bra has been created to...

Full Story and Sources: Chatelaine Magazine

March 16th, 2009 – Finally, a bra that works as hard as you do

I never truly appreciated the details that make some bras more work-appropriate than others. Until I test drove the 9to5 bra last week, I never truly appreciated the details that differentiate bras and make some more work–appropriate than others.

The extremes are obvious: Lacy lingerie is worn for an entirely different purpose than sports bras.

But for many women, finding a bra that does double duty – playing down cleavage without producing the dreaded "e;uni-boob" – can be a challenge.

Necessity drove Torontonian Andrea Clair to design the 9to5, which boasts a tank-top-like panel over top of a traditional bra...

Full Story and Sources: Globe & Mail Print (GlobeLife)

March 3rd, 2009 – Wink Intimates: There's a New Bra in the Boardroom

Wink Intimates is excited to announce the launch of the 9to5 bra. Founded in Toronto by company president Andrea Clair, Wink has developed a unique bra that covers up cleavage and helps women transform evening wear into more suitable office attire.

The 9to5 bra incorporates a fabric structure, which not only hides cleavage but also reduces the need for bulky, layered outfits. The bra generates lift, shape and confidence as it creates a flattering and professional figure. Wink's 9to5 is made with the finest materials and is manufactured in Canada...

Source: Canadian Living Magazine