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There Really Is An App That Will Determine Your Bra Size!

I've recently learned about an App that will tell you what size bra you should purchase.  As an online bra store, this sounds like an amazing App.

The company is called Third Love, go to your App store download the Third Love App and see how it works for you.

Even in our 20's we have already been purchasing bras for years, studies have shown that most women are wearing the wrong bra size.  From my experience,  I have noticed that many women are purchasing a bra with band size too large and cup size too small.  Example; often a woman who has been purchasing a 36D may, in fact, be better suited to a 34DD.  The band needs to fit snugly to support the breasts.  The cup needs to be ample to hold the breast, spilling out is not very creates extra bumps that are not flattering. It's also important to be sure to use the adjustment on the shoulder strap to keep you lifted.  Check the slider frequently, as with daily wear the slider will loosen.

We offer a fitting video on this website to assist you with measuring to find the best fit for your next bra purchase!

Click this link to view the video